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Efek Penghambatan Infusa Rimpang Lempuyang Gajah (Zingiber zerumbet) Terhadap Angka Cemaran Bakteri pada Daging Ayam Segar

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The aims of this study to determine the effect of infusion rhizome Z. zerumbet against the number of bacteria contamination on fresh chicken meat and determine the length of soaking is best in inhibiting bacteria contamination. The research was experimental, consisting of long soaking in the chicken infusion concentrations 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. Soaking is done for 30 minutes and 1 hour by hour observation time interval T0 (clock to 0/ shortly after soaking); T6 (6 hours after soaking) and T12 (12 hours after soaking). Number bacteria contamination of chicken meat infusion is calculated after soaking in the rate of dilution 10-8, 10-9 and 10-10, then incubated on NA medium in triplo. The number of bacteria was measured by TPC methods and properties of the bacteria tested using the Gram stain method. The results showed that the rhizome Z. zerumbet infusion can’t inhibit the amount of bacteria contamination in fresh chicken meat and the amount of increase over the addition concentrations of infusion. Total bacteria at all treatment has exceeded the maximum limit set by the bacteria contamination at BPOM fresh meat that is 1 x 106 CFU/gr. Retrieved 7 isolates of bacteria, which is 4 bacillus isolates and three isolates cocci.

Kata Kunci : Keywords : Infusion rhizome Z. zerumbet, Soaking time, Number of bacteria contamination, fresh chicken meat.

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